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Navkiran – Early Intervention Programme
Developmental delay or disability can be caused by a variety of factors. It can affect physical, cognitive, communicative, social, emotional or adaptive delays. Established early, intervention programmes that assess, recommend and begin treatment have proven to improve IQ and functioning levels.
Navkiran-Early Intervention Programme, dedicated to infants and toddlers with developmental delay and/or disability. is AAROH's latest initiative in meeting its aims and objectives. We offer the following services as a part of the programme:

  • Complete multi-disciplinary diagnosis
  • Individualized, child specific treatment plan to enhance and develop abilities
  • Physio cum occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy and language development programmes
  • Psych-social assessment and therapy
  • Parental, caregiver training
  • Parental support group and counselling
  • Special education with individualized programmes
  • Psychological assessment and parental counselling
  • Personality development programmes through cultural programmess, music, yoga and exercises
  • Outdoor and indoor sports, games, art and crafts
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • Home based programs