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Overview of Services Offered
  • Students/beneficiaries will be trained in skills required to perform essential job functions as well as coping and communication skills for job retention. The training program is designed in consultation with potential employers.
  • Identifying disabled friendly hiring opportunities,
  • There would also be a strong emphasis on training in social skills and personal grooming.

Present activities include:

  • Teacher’s assistant training – working alongside trained teachers, providing classroom and activity based assistance
  • Office assistant training — training in basic skills such as computer operations, emailing, printing, photocopying, lamination etc
  • Art work − glass painting, marble painting, block painting, drawing, origami etc
  • Tailoring activity – cloth bags etc for sale at stores such as FabIndia
  • Office stationery items – paper files, envelopes, notepads, paper bags, office files (not paper files), gift envelopes, spiral notebooks. etc.
  • Making recycled paper bags
  • Domestic skill training
  • Parents counselling and guidance
  • Flower recycling
  • Recreational programme
  • Diya making