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Welcome To Navkriti

Welcome to NAVKRITI- Vocational Training and Recreational Programme for Young Adults (Earlier known as Swavlamban: Self Reliance)

In addition to the therapy component, AAROH has established a vocational training and rehabilitation unit which has been running successfully since 1994. The Unit is fully functional with a full range of equipment, some of which has been customized for our needs. These facilities are also very useful for pre-vocational training of students apart from keeping the adult beneficiaries duly occupied and motivated. Efforts of the vocational instructors and special educators over the years have led to notable success with some Navjyoti graduates gainfully employed.

The Vocational training course combined with structured activities is designed to suit the individual needs and aptitude of the students. Best efforts are made to prepare young adults to lead a life with dignity as far as possible.

The basic goal of the vocational programme is to make the young adults more self reliant so that they are not looked down upon within the society or in the family , with that in mind with view the training programme in a holistic sense by trying to equip each and every student with all the necessary skills that would allow too function well in a work environment.

Recreational Programme

The recreational programme is an added endeavour to encourage the young adults to express themselves in an unrestricted environment and do whatever they feel like, through the creative activities such as dance, drama, music, singing, painting, and computers, puzzles, games, picnics, outings, movies, and fun activities.


  • Bringing intellectually disabled adults into the mainstream of society by creating a training and rehabilitation environment which is conducive for flow of resources and support from society and enhancing and accelerating interaction with other parts of society such as potential employers.



  • To involve the mentally challenged person in different social, cultural and vocational activities so as to enable their latent potential to bloom.
  • To provide Parent counseling, guidance and training to make them more efficient and effective to handle their ward, and make them aware about their rights.