People behind AAROH

Our Founder

Late Air Vice Marshal
S.C. Gupta (retd.) 
10/02/1931 - 01/08/2004 
Founder Secretary
Former Director Aeronautics,  DRDO and  Affected parent.

Air Vice Marshal SC Gupta founded AAROH in 1983 and functioned as secretary AAROH until his untimely demise in 2004.  AVM Gupta was an affected parent but at the same time he was also guided by his strong sense of duty towards social justice and the welfare of less fortunate members of society. He, along with his wife, Mrs. Asha Gupta, was responsible for nurturing and guiding AAROH/Navjyoti from its humble origins in 1983 to its present state. Today Navjyoti caters to 50 students and has received recognition from governmental agencies and related institutions for the quality and impact of its services. We remember him for his passion for the cause and his memory continues to guide and motivate us so we can fulfil his mission.

Mrs. Asha Gupta
Director-Navjyoti Institute
Special Educator,
affected parent & founder - AAROH

Mrs. Asha Gupta co-founded AAROH/Navjyoti together with AVM SC Gupta in 1983. Mrs Gupta is an affected parent who chose to take direct action by starting a special school after first educating herself in the field of special education. Today, she still functions as Director-in-charge at Navjyoti Institute. Mrs. Gupta believes in treating each student as an individual in need of personalised care and guidance, and that the involvement of parents and community is essential for the growth and development of special children.

Late Mrs. Satya Mehra


Mrs. Satya Maehra was associated with Navjyoti Institute since 1988 as Chairperson of the School Management Committee, until her unfortunate demise in 2010. All of our staff and students remember her for her immense love and decication to her cause, and her memory continues to inspire us all.

AAROH's Governing Body

Air Chief Marshal
O.P. Mehra, p.v.s.m. (retd.)
President - AAROH
ex- Chief of Air Staff.& 
former Governor Maharashtra.  
Mr. Amit Gupta
Vice-president - AAROH
Investment Banker
Group Captain H.S. Bhatia  (retd.)
Treasurer - AAROH
Senior IAF Officer
Mr. Akshat Verma Secretary
AAROH Senior Research Scientist
Mrs. Asha Gupta
Director-Navjyoti Institute
Special Educator,
affected parent & founder - AAROH

Mr.Naveen Bahl
Businessman and philanthropist.